Certifying Data Science Professionals

Data Science as become the common language of the information-led economy with all of us benefiting from a greater awareness and confidence in communicating in a data-centric world.

IABAC™ is dedicated to enhance global standards for Data Science the skills and competences, aligning job profiles with market demand, Data Science Book of Knowledge (DSBoK) and curriculum for Data Science Certifications. Thereby enabling Data Science skills and competences, professionals need in this new era, and matching the growing demand from organisations for professionals at all levels to be suitably equipped to thrive in the digitised economy.

Latest news

November 20, 2014

2017: data science comes of age

As traditional at the start of the new year, many are taking the opportunity to propose some predictions for how 2017 might unfold. What opportunities and challenges lie ahead, and what skills and super powers will be needed to tackle these demons and treasures?
November 20, 2014

EC launches New Skills Agenda for Europe

The new Skills Agenda for Europe launches a number of actions to ensure that the right training, the right skills and the right support is available to people in the European Union.