Data Science Foundation (DSF)

DSF is an entry level certification and can be pursued by professionals of all levels. The course covers the key concepts of data science, machine learning, statistics, project workflow, applications and use cases.

Certified Data Science Developer (CDSD)

Data Science Developer DSD certification course is designed to provide key programing competance for Data Science development with focus on popular languages R Language and Python along with latest applications.

Certified Visual Analytics Expert (CVAE)

CVAE certification course is designed for Visual analytics expert, who focus on creating insightful Visual reports and dynamic dashboards over Data Science models.

Certified Image Processing Specialist (CIPS)

CIPS certification course is designed for professionals pursuing advanced image processing skills. The course lays a strong foundation of image processing with focus on advanced images processing tools and industry applications

Certified Data Scientist (CDS)

CDS is an advanced certification for Data Science practitioners. This course lays strong foundation in all aspects of data science and practical knowledge on machine learning algorithms implementation

Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE)

CMLE is designed with strong focus on Statistics and Programming skills, with deep understanding of Maching Learning Algorithms.

Certified Deep learning Expert (CDLE)

CDLE course is designed with industry aligned application of deep learning networks CNN and RNN. This course also covers advanced deep learning concepts in research.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert (CAIE)

CAIE is an advanced level artificial intelligence course focussed on concepts of reinforecement learning and application of Q-Learning A3C inition for business solutions