Frequently Asked Questions

Why IABAC™ Certification?

IABAC™ is an independently developed on the guidelines of European Council Project “Edison” , aiming at standardizing global Data Science Curriculum aligned with Industry requirement.

IABAC™ is only an authorization body certifying institutes as REP (Registered Education Partners) , who are aligned with IABAC™ Training Curriculum. These institutes are audited by IABAC™ through onsite audit to ensure the Training requirements and knowledge of trainers.

Is IABAC™ Certification global standards?

Yes. The syllabus is based on Data Science Body of Knowledge (DSBok) as the European Council framework. and wide accepted across the globe.

Does IABAC provide training to candidates?

No. IABAC™ is into setting standards, accrediting Institutes and Trainers , doesn’t provide training by themselves in any manner. This ensure that there is no conflict of interest thereby by able to maintain he credibility of the certifications.

How the IABAC™ Exams are conducted?

IABAC™ Exam are conducted through online at There is no other means so as to main the integrity of the exams. The exam facilitation / booking is done with respective Registered Education Providers. For more information contact

How to validate the certificate?

Prospective employers or Candidates themselves can check the validity and authenticity of the IABAC™ certificate through VERIFY CERTIFICATE option in home page of

How much do the IABAC exams cost?

The exam vouchers for various exams can be brought from REPs. IABAC doesn’t sell them directly. The exams cost around USD 150 to USD 300.

What is the format of the exams?

All exam questions are multiple choice and true/false. Project requirement have specific validation criteria.

How many times can I retake the exams?

IABAC™ Examinations can be attempted 2 times in a week period. and cannot be taken more than a total of three times with a 3-month period.

Can I certify from another country?

Yes. The IABAC Certification Exams are offered across the globe over 100+ countries.

How long does the accreditation process of REP take to complete?

Once you submit a request for an application we will typically be in contact within 48 to 72 hours. Once you submit your application along with any required supplemental documentation you can expect, on average, anywhere from two to three weeks for us to review your submittal.