Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

Why IABAC™ Certification?

IABAC™ is an independent body with the foundation principles from European Council Project, aiming at standardizing global Data Science Curriculum aligned with Industry requirement. IABAC™ is only an authorization body certifying institutes as REP (Registered Education Partners) , who are aligned with IABAC™ Training Curriculum. These institutes are audited by IABAC™ through onsite audit to ensure the Training requirements and knowledge of trainers.

Does IABAC provide courses on Data Science?

While IABAC does not directly deliver course, We have a global network or Registered Education Partners (REP). To find a REP in your region click here.

Can I take IABAC exam directly without course?

Course through a Registered Education Partner (REP) is mandatory for certain certificaiton exams. While Foundation and basic certifications can be taken directly without course. Check respective certification details for more information. IABAC highly recommends data science course through a Registered Education Partner (REP) before taking any exam.

Do can I validate the certificate

IABAC™ certificates can be verified at

How can I retake an exam?

IABAC REP courses are high quality and delivered by certified instructors. however, in the unlikely event that a candidate does not pass the exam, they may arrange for a re-sit through their REP.

Partner FAQs

What are requirements to come REP?

The primary requirement is that the applicant should have an established training institute with more than one year successful operations from the legal registration date. IABAC™ REP program brochure has a detailed information on quality management systems, compliance and other requirements. Fill the REP enquiry form for further details.

How can I apply for certified IABAC Trainer?

You need to go throuhg train the trainer program conducted by an REP in your region. Please contact an REP for applying for Certified IABAC Trainer.